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Addison's Disease Support From AddisonsDisease.Net Celebrating 14 Years! International Addison's Disease Support For All US States, Territories And Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, The EU, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sudan, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Lithuania, Finland, Portugal, Iceland, Iraq, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Peru, Brazil, Slovenia, Moldova, Oman, South Korea, Spain, India And Many Other locales. Support Without Borders - Visits From over 134 countries in 2015! - 1,704 Members Worldwide - In one member's words - "So much of my progress is directly related to my involvement with this site and all of you who have helped me more than any of you will ever know."
1,704 Members Living With Addison's Disease - Addison's Disease Support From AddisonsDisease.Net  
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Information On Addison's Disease & Other Adrenal Disorders:

Treatment | Symptoms  | Tests/diagnosis  | Causes/risk factors 

Adrenal Cortical Hypofunction (Addison's Disease)

Adrenal Cortical Hyperfunction

Nonfunctional Adrenal Masses


Cortef® hydrocortisone tablets 

Solu-Cortef® hydrocortisone sodium succinate for injection, USP

Managing Adrenal Insufficiency - How Do I Give Myself An Injection

Comprehensive Article on Addison's Disease

Stress System Malfunction Could Lead to Serious, Life Threatening Disease

What I Need To Know About Diarrhea / Dehydration

Women with Premature Menopause at Increased Risk for Potentially Fatal Adrenal Condition

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